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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Thanks-for-Giving Dilemma

Yay, the Holidays (In a totally sarcastic un-enthused tone similar to that of Eeyore.)

Ahhh, The Joys of The Holidays

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the holidays what they could represent.

Like "Good Tidings and Joy". Or, "Being Thankful of one's personal standing", and maybe even the fact that it's a time of year for "Family & Friends".

However, what really happens is a totally different story. As the old saying goes, "no good deed goes unpunished" and if you look at the previously mentioned good deeds, then you will see there is a slew of punishment to be received.

And with that in mind, this punishment comes in hidden forms. It's not the immediate "in your face" type of punishment perhaps similar to that  of a Budapest criminal, but it can be just as insidious and have a devastating lasting affect "all year long!". (Because you know Santa is watching!)

So when things kick off this "Thanks-For-Giving" extravaganza, I foresee this in my future.

( I will also supply a great "solution" to these dilemmas, to keep you sane into the New Year!)

- Increased Mental Chaos from Increased Holiday Shopper Madness

Time to start Holiday Shop Pooling!

It's inevitable that you will now, or right up until the end of the year, will meet with the lunacy that is the commercial shopping public in your travels. I have chosen to take a back seat to this (just don't tell everyone what you are going to do, because then everyone will do it!). 

If you absolutely have to head out to the stores, I suggest mid-week. Like Tues/Wed mid-afternoon. As this will always be the calm before the storm. If you wait until the weekends, you may need to take your prescription meds with you. Also, "become a shopping general". Since we are all on social media and can hit all of our friends at any time, why not just try to see when a friend is shopping and see if you can get them to get you those "key gifts" that they are already on the prowl for? Consider the concept like the "Car Pool Lane for Holiday Shoppers!"

- Someone In Your Family Will Be Angry with Your Thanks-For-Giving Plans

The Angry Thanksgivoner

This is what turns us spring chickens into old birds. We want to express our togetherness with our family and friends, but really my plans for Thanksgiving (usually my house with my TG cooking goodness) were made months in advance. And really, everyone is very last minute at times with this. I've had situations where people took it personal that I couldn't come to their humble abodes for this Pilgrimattic festival.  

So what do you do?

You sell, them on coming to your house. More times than not, just a few re-iterated "You Should Come to My House" will be a 1000X better than, "Sorry, I Wish I Could, But..."

Remember, it's better to give (It's better to "give the invitation") than to receive. 

- Increased Responsibilities From Work & Home

Don't Let The Holiday Stress You Out!

Some of us work the full time job, along the other full time job, next to the permanent full time job. So that gives us 3-4 full time jobs. So how in the world do you jump the space-time continuum?

As it turns out, as much as we'd like to think that we are the super computers that we use everyday, it's just not possible to effectively do everything a 100%, a 100 percent of the time.

When you come to the conclusion, that everything just won't be flawless, and you give yourself a "moment to reboot" by taking small periods to just close the eyes, take a few deep breaths, and make your "motherboard" reboot for that moment, you'll then notice that Zen you so desperately need returns for the greater good. And all the cataclysmic shifts in the universe go on hold, and you can better deal with all those that come into contact with your heavenly aura!

So those were some dilemmas, as I imagine there are many more that may not have crossed my furious holiday path, but since these small pieces of wisdom were bestowed upon me, I now give much Thanks for Giving me the patience to work through this oh-so-magical time of year.

Feel free to share your Holiday dilemma here, and let's see if we can share the holiday solution.


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